DStv Rainfade: – AB Devilliers Promo

This is an extension for the Rainfade DSTV Promos that are currently airing on South Africa’s DSTV services. The promos are used to explain to the viewers about the loss in signal strength and quality during heavy thunderstorms. Being involved with the ‘Arnie’ (Arnold Schwarzenegger) promo was great, but now we welcome our first South African sports celebrity and Icon AB Devilliers. Big thanks to Studio Zoo for allowing us to take control of the job from a creative level, and a thanks to everyone else involved.

Project Details

Agency – Studio Zoo
Creative Director (Studio Zoo) – Cathy Ferrara
Producer (Studio Zoo) – Angelique Thorne
Production – Punch Club Studio
Animation – Danny Romano, Sean Salmon & Andre Lopion
Creative Director – Danny Romano