Homechoice Distribution Explainer

HomeChoice is the largest home shopping retailer in Southern Africa. We created this explainer to describe the detailed processes in their distribution center, as a introductory training tool for new warehouse employees. The explainer follows the linear journey through the warehouse process.

It begins with the arrival of a new shipment that is booked in, then follows the replenishment process, packaging and delivery to the final customer.

The challenge was to explain each stage in the complex process as simply and accurately as possible. And to convey the atmosphere of a big, constantly busy warehouse. Achieving this detail required multiple animated characters.

Characters to perform highly specific tasks and background characters to populate the huge warehouse. We used this as an opportunity to use the new features of DUIK Bassel. The automated walk cycles were essential for filling up the scenes with secondary characters, and the new DUIK structures simplified the rigging process.

Project Details

Client – HomeChoice
Production Studio – Punch Club Studio
Creative Director – Danny Romano
Animation director – Ryan Crocker
Character Rigging and Animation – Danny Romano
Design and Animation – Claire Bowden