Leroy Merlin – Promotional AV

Leroy Merlin, a French company that is opening up stores in South Africa, asked Punch Club Studio to create a 2:30min promotional AV for them, that takes their consumer on a journey through their product range and services offered, whilst telling a story through the eyes of a ‘customer.’

At Punch Club Studio we had the task of creating a communicative piece, that had multiple characters, and that was different from the norm. So we came up with a character design style that was intricate, unique and pleasant to watch. With multiple Characters we used the ‘Duik’ Rigging system inside of After Effects, without this amazing plugin, we simply would never have met the deadline. From design, storyboard and animation, we created a great communicative piece for Leroy & Merlin’s future customers.

Thanks to the team for coming together to create a unique piece. It is always good to know that we are looking for new and exciting ways to solve client brief.

Project Details

Client: Leroy Merlin
Agency: Mediacom
Creative Director: Danny Romano
Animation Director: Ryan Crocker
Designer: Charl Pieterse
Lead Animator: Charl Pieterse
Assistant Animator: Sean Salmon