Montego Vet AV

Punch Club Studio was tasked with the creation of the New Montego Vet AV.

The AV is referenced as a marketing tool to Vets around South Africa to stock the Montego Brand and the various pet foods that Montego creates.

Our trick was to integrate design, 2D animation, and 3D Animation with hi-res background stills, and make the piece feel as though A. it was all shot through the lens of a camera, and B. the story was continuous, and the piece communicated the Key Selling points of the brand. We created a ‘hero’ for the piece – the Montego border collie dog. His role was to link the viewer to the various animation ‘ques,’ as well as link the various shots together. He had to have various animations that mimicked those of a dog in the real world.

This is a piece that we are proud of, as everything came together with the aid of Direction & design form our fiends over at Nieghbourhood Creative.

Thanks to the team for creating magic . . . from bare plates, creative executions, and integrated animations, Punch Club Studio was an integral part of the full process.

Project Details

Agency – Neighbourhood Creative
Production Agency – Punch Club Studio
Audio Company – Earworm
Relationship Manager / Snr. Producer – Laurike Wilkens
Art Directors – Zanita Cooper & Suzanne Adam
Sound Engineer – Paul Shafer
Creative Director – Danny Romano
Animation Director – Ryan Crocker
Dog Animation – Andre Lopion
Animators – Charl Pieterse & Danny Romano
3D Animation – Ryan Crocker