SABC News Channel Rebrand

Punch Club Studio was approached by an agency to redesign the SABC news re-brand station channel image. We were tasked to create a visual language that will communicate, and brand all aspects of the news, and to create a responsive design that works across all screens (tv, mobile, desktop) The station image should be friendly, mature, striking, bold and recognisable, as news is entertainment, therefore imagery used should be interesting and relevant.

Our Creative Concept

Our creative concept is focused on evolving integration into the current SABC systems with priority on creating channel imagery that has longevity, and executing a strong creative concept that is elegant, modern and clean. It portrays the feeling of corporate SA and the ethos of professionalism. The creative execution stands out, as we have pulled our design elements form circular generic housing devices, incorporated into the clean and angular structure associated with cutting edge glass shards. The tone of our concept is one of transparency, as SABC News reports the truths and events that are happening in our Country and the rest of Africa, but with an emphasis on the news that is happening on a global scale.