What We Do


Where intelligence and aesthetic meet for the first time. The ‘Consumer,’ is the answer to how and why we want to communicate. The what is simple: through brand personality we communicate the message of “What does your consumer want to hear?” Clear and precise communication is our tool to deliver your message.



We are brand ambassadors first, creators second. We not only do the work, but advise you on the best platform solutions available, to extend your brands reach. A digital revolution is at play, and we are your first choice to discovering the best, tailored digital solutions and ‘Rich Media’ content creations.


We add depth and character to the every day concepts. Working with your brand, your ethos and mantra, we research the, “how and the what” your project will need. We put our ‘think-tank’ caps on, and put together a concept that is efficient and communicative.

From our research, and working closely with our clients we have realised that success of any project, on any of the various platforms, requires a focused pre-production phase, where concept and treatment take a ‘back seat’ to communication.



With experience and an eye for what looks good and works, we craft our images. Design, Animation and Live Action are our tools to create the best image that we can. Consistency in not compromising on quality, means that our final outputs not only look great but communicate a lasting message.

Our Processes

We start every project with an R & D / pre-production phase, choosing reference and samples that we feel “line up,” from a visual point of view, and that will work with your brands personality, and CI. We work with you, as we strategise the pre-requisites and end goals for your brand. Our final images represent how and what your end product will look like. We find that fully drafted images showcase what you will be getting – communication and quality.





Your Brand

Your Brand is as important to us, as it is to you. We strategise the fundamentals of what you need from the end product. Whether it is direct sale, product sale or internal communications, we pride ourselves in fleshing out the “what,” and the “how” your brand needs to communicate these functions.





Brands We’ve Worked On

We believe in a collaborative process, where you, our client is involved with all the major milestones of your project. We unpack, digest and solve your brief, as a tool to work for you. We aim to have you walk away from the process feeling as though you have not only gained a new partner in Punch Club Studio, but that you made the right decision for your brand by working with us. We are here for you, your brand, and your next award winning piece.